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SLU's college major quiz has been helping students decide what to study for more than 10 years. Choosing a college major is one of the most important decisions you will make. Career Clusters. You got: Enterprising Type. 3. College means different things to different people. Role Models Around the World. You thrive in an environment that allows you to take Students will be able to do many different things after graduating with a communications major. Our quiz will help you realize job types that match your personality. You thrive where you can work independently and aren't afraid to blaze a trail Take our interactive college majors quiz to assess your best career path based on personality and character traits. Posted on 10/15/2017 3:11:00 PM by Office of Admissions Whether you've already decided on a major, or you're struggling to figure out exactly which area of interest is the right one for you, take our quiz to see what major … You were born to lead — someone people naturally follow and who always gets results. Special Features. Yuri_Arcurs/Digital Vision/Getty Images. Learn more about, Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Take the free Quiz with a degree or certificate designed for people just like you. Read each pair of phrases below and decide which one of the two most … You are a nurturer. Some people go to college with the goal of preparing themselves to make the most money that they possibly can over their lives, and others go to school … This quiz can help narrow down some degree programs … Take this assessment quiz, designed to help you think about your personality and which college major(s) match your dream career. Put your healing nature to work in a degree But before choosing your path, you need to know who you are. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Psychology majors sometimes get a bad reputation. Events. It was a time where you had to make the tough choices: pizza or ramen? If you already graduated, this quiz could tell you … Take our easy college quiz to begin your search and find the right college for you. You thrive in an environment where you are surrounded by innovation, technology, and growth. by Ben Plays Quiz Updated Aug 20, 2012 . Choosing a major can be a difficult decision for many students. Don’t worry, we all make bad choices freshman year… Answer these 15 questions to find out what your college major … What are you looking forward to most of all? You watch over and guard those in need. or complete the form below to request more information. How to Play. Take this quiz to explore Your Major and Career options. And remember — choosing a college major is a huge life decision, and … After taking this assessment, you will be recommended the top majors, colleges and careers based on your academic achievements, interests and personality. This college major quiz … You're packing your bag for another day of classes. A business degree is very versatile and opens many doors for students after graduating from their respective schools. Career Quiz. You have the compassion and heart to make a difference in the world. But the most important, and lasting judgement you made was picking your major … Decisions, decisions. Take this quiz to find out what major … We know that choosing a major can be difficult, with so many options and your many varied interests. Your organization, positive outlook, and attention to detail allow you to take on … Read more about, Engineering majors will be spending a lot of time doing math and solving problems - hopefully you like math, or are at least good at it. to take action and make the right moves. Learn more about, Best Online Colleges & Universities [2020]. Profile Info. Colleges face three major problems: recruiting best-fit students, retaining them, and graduating them on time. About This Quiz. exploring your personality traits and what makes you tick can help you narrow in on a potential major or career. with anyone. Just answer a few quick questions about your interests, your schoolwork style and more, and our major quiz … Career Quiz In order for us to estimate your personal Interests and Usual Style, you will first need to answer a series of questions.

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